Level 2 surf training in a group
Equipment included:
Non residents: 30 Euros/ person, pack of 5 trainings 140 Euros
Residents: 25 Euros/person, pack of 5 trainings 110 Euros/person

Equipment not included
Pack of 4 trainings per month: 80 Euros/person
Pack of 8 trainings per month: 120 Euros/person

This training is for You, if You already catch the waves on Your own, You don´t need basic instructions, but You prefer that instructor guides You in Your surfing session and helps You to progress.
Ratio: 6 surfers per 1 instructor
Duration of the training: 2 hour water training. In case if the weather conditions don’t permit us to train, we do ground training, working on the maneuvres on surfskate.
Available languages: English,  Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Latvian. Please consult, which days/hours are available if You prefer a specific language.

If You prefer regular training and You have Your own equipment:

How can I reschedule the lesson?

If for some reason You cannot come to the lesson, You can reschedule it for another day, informing us through WhatsApp or Telegram the night before till 6:00 p.m. If You don’t inform us on time that You would like to postpone the lesson or You don’t arrive to the lesson, this lesson can’t be postponed anymore and there is no refund possible.

How can I cancel the booking?

It is not possible to cancel a booking or activity package that You have already booked. If for some reason You cannot come to the lesson, You can postpone the lesson for another day, informing us through WhatsApp or Telegram the night before till 18:00.

Is there a place where to leave my stuff during the lesson?

In our surf school, You’ll find a comfortable area, where You have boxes to leave Your stuff safely, a shower, WC, rest area. During the kids camp all the valuable stuff has to be placed in the separate bag and given to the instructor, who saves it in the separate locker. The rest of the stuff is taken to the beach in the back pack.

What's included in the price?

If You choose a training with equipment included, then we provide surfboard (the type of the board depends on Your level), wetsuit, reef booties.

What should You bring for the surfing lesson?

Every kid has to take with him to every camp day: backpack with swimsuit (to put under the wetsuit), towel, sneakers, flip-flops, clothes to change, extra t-shirt or lycra, baseball hat or any other comfortable hat, snacks (no sweets), waterproof sunscreen  and drinking water enough for the whole day.

In case if You/Your kid would like to buy extra surf sunscreen, water, lycra or else, our surf shop is open all day long.

Please don’t bring rings, earrings, etc. Or take them off before the activities. It’s not allowed to wear it during the activities. Your kid should have extra small bag for valuables so it can be saved in the separate locker with the key. The rest of the stuff in his backpack he/she will take to the activities to the beach/skatepark etc.

Where is the meeting point?

We always meet in our surfing school in Las Americas at the hour of the camp (9am or 12.00noon depending on the shift that You’ve chosen).
Here is the location:
Google maps: https://goo.gl/maps/Yf44nqwGz4n

After You’ve made the booking, You’ll receive the confirmation e-mail with all the details.

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