Summer – the small life

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Summer – the small life

Aloha, surfers!

Impatiently You're waiting to dive into the ocean, right? :) It's time to plan Your Summer vacation. I'm sure that most of You imagine to spend Your vacation very active and saturate! I don't know about You, but I hate planning, planning, planning, reserving, buying tickets, thinking and re–thinking routes, ufff... the vacation plan can be so exhausting, right?

Here is my offer – pack ready for You to dive into adventures of the island Tenerife! Don't worry, we haven't planned too many details for You not to have some free time and space. We've planed the main details for You to relax and enjoy Your summer time.

So, in the menu of 10 days we've included:

  • surf lessons every day, except Sunday
  • free–surf at the evenings (if the weather conditions allow us)
  • possibility to change surf lessons to kayak or SUP adventure to see dolphins
  • all the necessary equipment for the lessons and free–surf
  • training in the hall - yoga, balance training, photoanalysis of your surf etc.
  • 10 days accommodation in the apartment
  • excursion and trekking
  • Your photos of surfing and other activities (please take with You a big flash–memory)
  • BBQ with friends
  • transfer to South airport and back
  • the ocean full of emotions, impressions and positive vibrations )))

The price: 600 Euros! Limited edition. All rights reserved.

See You soon!