Surfing in Tenerife – what is it like?

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Surfing in Tenerife – what is it like?

Some people may ask: “Is there «any surfing» at all?”

It’s a frequent question and It’s ok, cause normally when you hear something about surfing and Canary Islands, at first you think about Fuerteventura or Lanzarote… But wait! It happens not because there is no surfing in Tenerife! Just because there are lots and lots of other entertainments here and surfing isn’t the one and only thing to do..

So, what's it about – to surf in Tenerife:

  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! It’s always pumping here! The conditions are different and suitable for any preference and experience 🌊🌊🌊 So if you want to take a surf trip without long planning in advance – Tenerife is a right choice!
  • Warm ocean! Water temperature is about +22°С during the whole year: it rises to +24°+28°С in summer and never falls below +18°С. What’s the advantage? - You can surf wearing only bikini or shorts! Hawaiian style rules 🌴🌴! In winter you can put on thin type of wetsuit or its short model. Enjoy the freedom of movement and make more progress!
  • Rich variety of surf spots! There are so many surf spots on Tenerife that any other Canary island can’t provide. Most of all Tenerife spots are reef-breaks, but there are some with sandy bottom as well and even a couple of good point-breaks. Moreover there is one unspoken rule that you need to follow: south spots are for all surfers, north –only for locals or experienced. All in all, skilled surf coach/guide or a friend among locals is your ticket to the best surf adventure ever ☝😄😄!
  • Canarian style! Reef-breaks can be dangerous you know, but, on the other hand, they are so cool! Each has its own unique style! Waves on reef-break are predictable, they appear in well-known places and have nearly the same shape, direction and speed within one spot. Thanks to the stable tough ocean floor you will easily find the line-up and rips. For your safety wear special reef boots, follow main rules of safe behavior in the water and listen what your coach says. Then you will be completely healthy and alive 😄!
  • Surf community! There is a plenty of surf hangouts on Tenerife: bars, cafes, clubs, shops etc. But it means nothing without people - friendly smiling surfers who create all this magic! Come to Tenerife and be a part of surf movement.
Tenerife is waiting for you! Your surf school Tenerife Surf❤