Founder, CEO, Head coach

Kristine Zukova

Tenerife Surf Point wouldn't be the same without the support of my team and my family. Every day I keep on learning something new from all of them, as well as learning a lot every time when I'm in the Ocean, be it surfing, swimming, Stand Up Paddling, freediving, or even snorkeling.

Creating Tenerife Surf Point

The birth of Tenerife Surf Point, dates back to 2013. Its owner and the head coach of surfing and paddleboarding is Kristine Zukova being likewise an instructor of the Canary and International Surfing Federation. Having taught surfing all across the globe and traveling a great deal, Kris (that’s how all the trainees call her) decided to settle down in Tenerife, finally feeling at home. From the outset, Kris came to the island at the invitation of one of the surf schools in the South of Tenerife. Already in the very first months of working the number of applicants wanting to learn to surf was very high. After working for 18 months at a stretch, Kris bent on taking a break – quit and enjoyed surfing without teaching for a while… That blazing-off ended up quite soon since the fancied trainees wished for further growth under Kris’s guidance. A succession of requests and feedbacks throughout the year turned Tenerife Surf Point into a school with its on-site surfing campground, daily classes, paddleboarding, yoga, surf-skate, balance training, each year adding more and more activities.
Since 2013

You can never get enough experience dealing with the Ocean. 


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The Ocean creates illusions,
The Wave – questions,
The Surf – answers.


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